Water Pumps Inside Duratec Engines Target of Lawsuit

by Aryn Plax

Jul 24, 2020

The water pumps installed in the Duratec engines of some Ford vehicles are known to explode and leak anti-freeze into the engine’s oil, according to a class action lawsuit against Ford.

The lawsuit alleges that the Duratec engines installed in some Fords, Lincolns and Mazdas are defective due to the water pumps being installed inside the engines themselves.

The water pumps are responsible for cooling the engines to prevent overheating of the vehicles. Typically, the water pump is installed outside of the engine and if it breaks, anti-freeze leaks onto the ground.

However, broken water pumps located inside Duratec engines leak anti-freeze into the engines’ oil and drive up repair costs.

“Water pump exploded and destroyed the engine,” one driver said in a complaint submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Ford Explorer owner Cleavon Manigault made similar complaints about the Duratec engine. “I call it a ticking time bomb,” he told WSB-TV 2.

The lawsuit targets the following models:

  • Ford Edge 2007–2010
  • Ford Edge 2015–Present
  • Ford Edge 285 2011–2014
  • Ford Explorer 2011–Present
  • Ford F-150 282 2015–2017
  • Ford Flex 2009–Present
  • Ford Fusion Sport 2010–2012
  • Ford Taurus 2008–Present
  • Ford Taurus X 2008–2009
  • Lincoln MKX 2007–2010
  • Lincoln MKZ 2007–2012
  • Mazda 6 (3.7L) 2009–2013
  • Mazda CX-9 (3.5L) 2007
  • Mazda CX9 (3.7L) 2008–2015
  • Mercury Sable 2008–2009

Source: WSB-TV 2

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