Top 5 Most Bizarre Nissan Vehicle Problems

by Aryn Plax

Oct 9, 2020

Some auto manufacturers have better reputations than others. However, just because an automaker is known to make decent vehicles, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever face major issues. Natasha Brown of wrote about surprising issues in Nissan vehicles.

The list featured below is a narrowed-down version. Read about the top 5 most bizarre issues your Nissan vehicle could face.

Your Transmission Could Fail While Driving

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) caused so many problems in Nissan vehicles that it became the subject of a class action lawsuit.

The CVTs could experience coolant leaks, transmission slipping, and power failures while the vehicles are in motion.

Coolant leaks and transmission slips are serious problems, and a loss of power could seriously increase the risk of a collision.

Your Automatic Brakes Stop for No Reason

Several warning lights flash on the dashboard

The autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems are intended to increase safety in some Nissan vehicles. However, faulty AEB systems could do just the opposite.

Sensors in AEB systems are supposed to detect when your vehicle could run into another object and trigger the brakes. However, faulty AEB systems in some Nissan vehicles are triggering the brakes even when there are no objects nearby. The Nissan vehicles stop suddenly, increasing the risk of a rear collision.

Your Vehicle Just Snaps In Half

Metal can rust over time. Metal on your vehicle can rust over time. Vehicle owners generally know this, but they rarely, if ever expect that their vehicles outright snap in half.

Some 2006–2008 Nissan Navara pickups were known to do just that. Even if the pickup were used for a regular, routine driving, it would experience serious rust patches that made the vehicles oddly fragile. As a result, the truck sometimes snapped into two pieces between the cab and truck bed, rendering it inoperable.

Your Vehicle’s Hood Flies Open

Over a million 2013–2018 Nissan Altima cars were found to have faulty hood latches, which were intended to keep the hoods in place while the cars were in motion. If the latch broke, the hood would flip open and obscure the driver’s view of the road, increasing the risk of a crash.

Nearly 2 million cars were recalled to have their faulty latches fixed.

Your Sunroof Could Explode

Vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai and InfinitiQX60 have had their sunroofs shatter into pieces, injuring occupants in the process.

The broken pieces of shattered sunroof glass vary in size, but the larger shards could injure or stab occupants. While the problem is more likely in vehicles with panoramic sunroofs, other Nissan vehicles could face the same problem.

Either way, exploding sunroofs make the vehicles unsafe.


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