Subaru Sued for Inadequate Recall of Faulty Fuel Pumps

by Aryn Plax

Sep 16, 2020

A class action lawsuit against Subaru alleges that a recall of Subaru vehicles with faulty Denso fuel pumps didn’t include all vehicles affected by the defect, and therefore many consumers had to shoulder the costs of defective vehicles out-of-pocket.

A recall issued in April 2020 targeted 2019 Impreza, Outback, Legacy and Ascent vehicles equipped with Denso fuel pumps. The pumps had faulty impellers, a part meant to drawn in fuel from the tank, which could cause damage to the pumps as a whole. As part of the recall, Subaru replaced the fuel pumps.

The lawsuit said that the recall should have included the vehicle models from model years 2013–present. Owners of affected vehicles that weren’t included in the recall had to pay for pump repairs or replacements out of pocket.

A person puts gas in their car

According to the 2020 recall, if the impellers were exposed to solvent drying for too long, they would develop fine cracks that allowed fuel to seep through. This resulted in excessive fuel absorption, which lead to the deformation of the impellers.