Fiat Chrysler Recalls Ram Pickup Trucks Because Airbag Shrapnel Could Injure or Kill Passengers

by Aryn Plax

Aug 24, 2021

Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than 266,000 model year 2015–2020 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks because the side airbags can explode and send shrapnel throughout the cabin.

The automaker said that the airbag inflators were contaminated with moisture during manufacturing. When the airbags deploy, the metal canisters holding the inflators can break apart.

This is the second recall for exploding airbags in the past two months.

In July, General Motors recalled more than 400,000 pickup trucks because their airbags were at risk of exploding.

The airbags were made by Joyson Safety Systems, a company that had purchased Takata’s assets after Takata went bankrupt.

A red RAM pickup truck is parked in the desert.

Takata’s airbags had ammonium nitrate, which became volatile once exposed to moisture. As a result, the chemical explosion broke apart the canisters and sent shrapnel flying. Takata’s airbag defect resulted in a record number of deaths and injuries, prompting recalls from automakers like General Motors, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford and Honda.

The airbags affected by the Ram recall do not contain ammonium nitrate, but display a similar defect.

Source: Detroit Free Press