Knight Law Group Celebrates its Return to Office

by admin

May 26, 2022

On May 18, Knight Law Group kicks off its Return-to-Office transition with a celebration honoring its hard-working staff.

The firm announced its adoption of a hybrid work model, with team members working in the office Tuesday through Thursday and working remotely Mondays and Fridays. As another feature of the new policy, the firm now allows employees to work fully remotely for two additional weeks per year. The Return-to-Office announcement comes with a bonus and salary increase for each employee of up to 20% of their current pay, including employees that may have just started in the past few weeks.

“Before COVID, the notion of employees working from home was not considered to be a feasible model,” said Roger Kirnos, Managing Partner of Knight Law Group.

“But after we all made emergency adjustments two years ago, it turned out the traditional fears were unjustified. This hybrid program gives employees the in-office benefits of collaboration, culture and assistance while trusting our team with the flexibility we once thought was impracticable.”

The firm today also announced across-the-board compensation increases.

“As of today, every single Knight employee has received both a bonus based on years of service and a significant salary increase, in compensation for a job well done and for the additional travel expenses that will come with in-person travel to the office,” said Leon Boyer, Chief Operating Officer.

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