Have a Defective Ford?
The California Lemon Law Can Help!

If your Ford has repeated problems that won’t go away, then Ford may have sold you a lemon.

Knight Law Group can help. We can answer any questions you have about your potentially defective Ford. If you decide to go forward with a lemon law case, we can offer free legal representation and help you get cash compensation, a vehicle replacement or a lemon law buyback under the California Lemon Law. Lemon law cases for Ford vehicles are not all the same. However, many Ford vehicles may have similar problems.

Top 8 Ford Issues

Auto manufacturers will sometimes release faulty cars, trucks and other vehicles to the public. Ford is no exception. Owners of Ford vehicles should look out for the following signs:

  • ◦ Oil Leaks
  • ◦ Engine Failure
  • ◦ Lack of Power
  • ◦ Check Engine Light Turns On
  • ◦ SUD – Sudden Unattended Deceleration
  • ◦ Jerks and Shudders
  • ◦ EGR Valve Failures
  • ◦ Oil Cooler Failures
  • ◦ Fuel Injectors Fail

If these symptoms or any other vehicle problems repeatedly appear, your Ford may be a lemon. Learn more about what the lemon law can do for you. If you want to seek legal remedies from your auto manufacturer, consult an attorney to discuss your lemon law rights.

How Does The Lemon Law Protect My Ford?

Your faulty vehicle may qualify as a “lemon” under the California Lemon Law if it has repeated problems that won’t disappear after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

The California Lemon Law considers vehicle problems to be defects if they negatively impact the vehicles’ use, safety or value. It does not set a number that is considered “reasonable.” If you’d like to know whether you have had a reasonable number of repair attempts, consult with our lemon law attorneys about your case.

Under the California Lemon Law, consumers are eligible for three possible remedies: cash compensation, a replacement vehicle, or a full refund for their vehicle, minus an amount called the “mileage offset.” Monetary compensation usually includes attorneys’ fees and costs.

The statute of limitations is four years from when you first discover a potential defect in your vehicle. If you think your Ford is a lemon, don’t hesitate. Ford, like other auto manufacturers, has a track record of misconduct against consumers. You just might be one of them.

Ford’s Faulty Transmissions and Diesel Scandal

If your Ford has shown repeated problems that can’t be fixed after one or more visits to a Ford-licensed dealership for repairs, you just may have a lemon law claim.

Sadly, a case like this would not come as a surprise to us. Ford Motor Co. has a history of misconduct against American consumers, the most recent case being an emissions scandal reminiscent of Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate.” Some 2011–2017 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty diesel trucks have allegedly polluted up to 50 times the legal limit of a toxic gas called nitrogen oxide (NOx). The 6.7-L Power Stroke engine installed in these trucks come equipped with devices that allow it to cheat federal and state emissions tests. The alleged cheating became the subject of a class action lawsuit that put Ford at a liability of over $4 billion.

Ford also faced legal and media pressure after defects arising from its 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Semi-Automatic (DPS6) transmissions came to light. Ford’s DPS6 transmissions, which were installed in 2012–2016 Focus and 2011–2016 Fiesta vehicles, were allegedly prone to shuddering, bucking, jerking, lagging, slipping into neutral while driving, hesitating in lower gears and experiencing clutch failure. Ford’s poor handling of the situation triggered a several-month-long investigation from Detroit Free Press, and owners of these defective vehicles launched a class action lawsuit against the automaker.

Other cases of misconduct include Ford’s installation of defective CP4 fuel pumps in its 2011–present 6.7-L Power Stroke diesel trucks, and improperly wielding of leaky exhaust systems. The CP4 fuel pumps allegedly cannot handle American diesel fuel, a claim that prompted a class action suit against Ford. Separately, drivers of Ford Explorers have complained as early as 2011 that the vehicles’ exhaust pipes leak gas into the vehicle’s cabin, which can potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our Experience Against Ford Makes The Difference

Knight Law Group has fought for consumers whose California Lemon Law rights were continually violated by Ford. Our legal battles against the automaker have resulted in the following awards for our clients:

  • ◦ $1.4 million to Charles Margeson
  • ◦ $2.8 million to Leonard Coon
  • ◦ $1.9 million to Valerie and Robert Brown
  • ◦ $227,715 to Shelby and Tammy Anderson
  • ◦ $8.1 million to Jerry and Shawn Nolan

If your Ford has a recurring defect that the dealership could not fix, contact us to learn more about your lemon law rights. Knight Law Group has represented thousands of clients in cases against major automakers and obtained large settlements. Our services come at no charge to you. We only get paid if you win.

If you think your Ford is a lemon, email us or call us at 877-222-2222 for a free consultation. You have rights. Take action now!