Ford Issues Three Recalls Of F-Series, Edge Vehicles

by Aryn Plax

Jun 11, 2021

Ford issued three recalls in two weeks for F-Series and Edge vehicles of recent model years. The problems described in the recalls may either increase the risk of a crash or decrease driver safety when a collision occurs.

The first recall affects 82 model year 2021 Ford Edge SUVs. The driver’s seat belt retractor pretensioner assembly may malfunction during a crash, which violates federal safety standards. Ford dealers will replace the assemblies as part of the recall. Ford will send recall notices on June 14.

The second recall affects more than 5,800 model year 2021 F-150 trucks equipped with faulty two-piece driveshafts.

When they disconnect, they could cause a sudden loss of drive power or allow the vehicles to roll away when parked.

Ford says the supplier did not properly install the c-clips between the two driveshaft halves. Drivers may know of the problem when they hear a banging or clanking noise. Ford will mail recall notices on June 14. Dealers will replace the faulty driveshafts.

The third recall affects 1,800 model year 2021 F-350 and F-450 Super Duty trucks because cracked mounting brackets could make towing a trailer dangerous. Due to the cracks in the fifth-wheel left-hand mounting brackets, the fifth-wheel assembly could become loose and detach.

Truck drivers may hear knocks and clanking noises while accelerating or feel their trucks vibrating. Notices will be mailed June 21, after which dealers will inspect and replace the damaged mounting brackets.