Ford Powershift Settlement Payouts Do Not Cover All Focus, Fiesta Drivers

by Aryn Plax

Dec 14, 2020

Ford settled a class action lawsuit for drivers of 2012–2016 Focus and 2011–2016 Fiesta cars with defective Powershift transmissions. However, many drivers not included in the settlement or related recalls are still stuck with faulty, unsafe cars.

Danielle Mayfield is one such person. Her son’s 2016 Ford Focus is equipped with the faulty Powershift transmission named in the class action suit.

A year and a half after the vehicle was purchased, the Ford Focus started to show similar defects.

“It only maybe will go about four miles an hour,” Mayfield told

“It will not shift out of first gear, will not go into reverse. Sometimes it will not go at all.”

Mayfield contacted Ford about a recall issued for Ford Focus vehicles equipped with Powershift transmissions but was told that, since her vehicle was manufactured four months out of the recall window, she did not qualify for recall-related repairs.

Photo description: A blue car and a green car are parked next to each other.

This left Mayfield stuck with a quote of $2,100 for a transmission replacement, plus a car payment for a vehicle that they no longer can drive. Mayfield also had to pay for car towing and diagnostic tests out of pocket, after which Ford would make a determination.

Ford ultimately denied to offer recall-related repairs or a vehicle buyback. In any case, Mayfield said she does not trust Ford to repair the vehicle properly.

“I’m afraid down the line I’m just going to have another issue with it,” Mayfield told


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