Ford Fusion Lawsuit Alleges Repeated Transmission Problems

by Aryn Plax

Oct 6, 2021

A class action lawsuit alleges that 2010–2017 Ford Fusion vehicles experience several defects due to their 6F35 automatic transmissions.

According to the lawsuit, drivers allege that their Fusion vehicles are prone to sudden and unexpected shaking, delayed acceleration, delayed downshifts, clunking, gear slipping, difficulty stopping, hard deceleration, and loss of motive power. As a result, some Fusion owners report having their cars stall while on busy highways.

The lawsuit lists the following possible component defects:

  • Failing fluid seal integrity
  • Throttle body deficiencies
  • Failed torque converter welds
  • Driveshaft failure
  • Failed transmission control module updates
  • Failed powertrain control module

Ford Fusion cars with Aisin/Aisin Warner transmissions or manual transmissions are not affected by the alleged defects.

The interior of a Ford Fusion. To the left is a steering wheel. To the right is a display screen. At the center of the image is a Start-Stop button.

The lawsuit alleges that Ford knew about these transmission defects since 2009 and should have issued a transmission recall. However, Ford allegedly  offered “temporary stop-gap” measures at best. Worse, still, Ford allegedly lied to consumers about the reasons behind the transmission problems.