Ford F-150 Trucks With 5-L Engines
Allegedly Guzzle Oil

by Aryn Plax

Jan 29, 2021

A class action lawsuit against Ford alleges that 2018–2020 Ford F-150 trucks have several defects that cause the trucks to consume excessive amounts of oil. Ford allegedly refuses to repair the trucks adequately and denies the existence of these defects.

The lawsuit claims that, at one point, dealers were merely instructed to replace the dipsticks with lowered the minimum fill levels in order to hide these oil consumption issues.

The oil consumption issues allegedly cause unexpected stalling and failure, which could happen at any time and at any driving speed. These oil consumption issues also allegedly cause damage that requires expensive repairs, which owners of these Ford F-150 trucks claim the automaker will not pay for.

The Ford F-150 trucks are equipped with a 5-L engine named “Coyote,” which has an engine oil capacity of 8.8 quarts.

The Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor determines when the truck needs an oil change based on the truck’s usage.

Photo description: oil build-up.

While Ford recommends oil change intervals of 10,000 miles or one year, consumers allege that the oil change indicator lights up as early as 3,000 miles after a previous oil change. Engine components such as oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and spark plugs can sustain damage due to excessive oil consumption. Ford F-150 trucks can also experience a decrease in fuel efficiency.

Technical service bulletins (TSBs) were cited as proof of Ford’s knowledge of the alleged defect. Though some TSBs recommended replacements of some components, the lawsuit alleges that some Ford technicians were told to stop replacing engines or engine parts and to simply fill the engine’s oil to the maximum fill line.