Dodge Dart Transmission Recall Should Have Been Issued A Long Time Ago, Lawsuit Alleges

by Aryn Plax

Oct 26, 2021

A class action lawsuit alleges that some Dodge Dart cars with certain 6-speed manual transmissions should have been recalled because problems with the clutch pedals may cause vehicle stalling.

The lawsuit represents those who bought or leased these cars from authorized dealerships in California, and its class vehicles include 2013–2015 Dodge Dart cars with Fiat C635 manual transmissions built on or before November 12, 2014.

The 2013–2015 Dodge Dart cars are allegedly equipped with clutch pedals that lose pressure, stick to the floor, and fail to engage or disengage gears. As a result, the drivers are blocked from shifting gears and the Dodge Dart cars end up stalling.

According to two drivers who filed the initial complaint, the cars would stall, fail to accelerate, and experience premature transmission failure. Fiat Chrysler allegedly knew about the clutch pedal problems present in 2013–2015 Dodge Dart cars, as it had issued technical service bulletins (TSBs) to its dealerships.

A gearstick for a manual transmission. Some Dodge Dart cars with manual transmissions are included in a class action lawsuit alleging that the clutch pedal is defective.

Fiat Chrysler says it created a Dodge Dart extended warranty for degraded clutch reservoir hoses and contaminated hydraulic fluid. Dealers would replace the hydraulic clutch master cylinders and reservoir hoses. Fiat Chrysler would also reimburse expenses if the clutches were replaced.

However, the lawsuit alleges that Fiat Chrysler simply swaps out these components with equally defective replacement parts.

The lawsuit was initially filed in early 2018, but a judge had denied certification. However, the Ninth Circuit reversed that decision in July 2019 and remanded the case. The judge then granted certification. Fiat Chrysler tried several times to get the class action decertified. The plaintiffs have since amended their claims, many of which involved what they suspected to be the root cause of the defect.

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