Common Volkswagen Atlas Problems

by Aryn Plax

Jan 22, 2021

If your Volkswagen Atlas has recurring problems that won’t go away, it may be considered a lemon.

Under the California Lemon Law, a lemon is a vehicle with recurring problems that will not go away, despite a reasonable number of repair attempts by authorized repair facilities. These problems must negatively impact the use, safety or value of your vehicle.

Many owners and lessees of Volkswagen Atlas vehicles report problems serious enough to meet that standard. Learn more about common problems that 2018–2019 Volkswagen Atlas owners and lessees report in their vehicles. If one of these problems repeatedly appear in your Volkswagen Atlas, you may need to talk to a lemon law attorney about your case.

Brake Problems

Volkswagen Atlas vehicles come with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems that malfunction and cause random braking. The AEB systems are supposed to detect obstacles and, if the driver does not respond in time, apply the brakes. However, these systems pick up false alarms and randomly brake, often in unsafe situations.

Volkswagen Atlas vehicles may face other brake problems, which may be indicated by the illumination of a brake warning light. If your vehicle is showing repeated brake problems, you may have a lemon.

Electrical Problems

Some Volkswagen Atlas vehicles are equipped with Start/Stop systems that automatically engage every time drivers turn on their vehicles. As a fuel-saving measure, these systems turn off engines when the vehicles are stopped, and turn on engines when drivers hit the gas. However, vehicle owners and lessees have reported that these Start/Stop systems, along with electronic brakes, drain the vehicles’ batteries.

Batteries have been reported to deplete unusually quickly – in some cases, within two months. Battery drainage may also cause transmission failure, according to some complaints.

Engine Problems

If your Check Engine Light flashes on, you should have your engine looked at.

Volkswagen Atlas drivers have reported several engine problems in their vehicles, such as gas leaks, grinding noises during acceleration, random shutdowns and grinding noises during vehicle shutdowns.

If these problems (or any other engine problems) repeatedly appear in your vehicle, you may want to talk to a lemon law attorney about your situation.

Photo description: A lemon spotted among several vehicles in traffic.

Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney

If problems persist in your Volkswagen Atlas despite multiple repair attempts, your vehicle may be a lemon.

Owners and lessees of “lemons” or defective vehicles are entitled to cash compensation, a vehicle replacement or a lemon law buyback. Knight Law Group has helped thousands of lemon owners and lessees obtain these rewards under the California Lemon Law with a success rate in excess of 99%.

Don’t go through the lemon law process alone. Our experienced lemon law attorneys can provide legal representation at no up-front cost to you. If you want to learn more about the California Lemon Law or have specific questions about your case, fill out our contact form or call us for a free consultation at 877-222-2222.