Common Nissan Pathfinder Problems

by Aryn Plax

Mar 26, 2021

If your Nissan Pathfinder has recurring problems that won’t go away, it may be considered a lemon.

Under the California Lemon Law, a lemon is a vehicle with recurring problems that will not go away, despite a reasonable number of repair attempts by authorized repair facilities. These problems must negatively impact the use, safety or value of your vehicle.

Many owners and lessees of Nissan Pathfinder vehicles report problems that do just that. Learn more about common problems that 2013–2020 Nissan Pathfinder owners and lessees report in their vehicles. If one of these problems repeatedly appear in your Nissan Pathfinder, you may need to talk to a lemon law attorney about your case.

Drivetrain Problems

The “drivetrain” refers to several parts that transfer power to the wheels, and includes the transmission.

Some Nissan Pathfinder vehicles were equipped with continuously variable transmissions, or CVT transmissions, which were prone to sudden stops, random shaking, violent jerking while accelerating and transmission failure.

Complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that some Nissan Pathfinders experience late downshifting, do not shift properly, slip out of Park, show sudden acceleration or fail to accelerate.

Electrical Problems

Functional electrical systems are vital to the use of your Nissan Pathfinder. If any part of these systems goes haywire, it can make for frightening malfunctions in your vehicle.

According to NHTSA complaints, Nissan Pathfinder drivers have reported starting issues, such as starter relay failure, and other electrical problems such as faulty alternator, nonfunctioning cruise control and the corrosion of batteries in the vehicles. If electrical problems repeatedly appear in your vehicle despite multiple dealership visits, it may be considered a lemon.

A Nissan Pathfinder is alone on a road, surrounded by grasslands.

Brake Problems

Brake problems are becoming increasingly common among Nissan vehicle models such as the Nissan Pathfinder. One of those problems is an alleged defect with the Automatic Emergency Brake systems.

The AEB systems are supposed to detect potential obstacles and trigger emergency brakes to prevent collisions. However, class action suits claim that these systems are prone to detecting nonexistent objects and braking when the vehicle isn’t at risk of colliding into anything. In other words, these systems are allegedly prone to giving false alarms.

Outside of the class action suit, some drivers have reported other brake problems. For example, the brake lights may malfunction, staying on even while the vehicle is in motion. Some drivers have reported premature wear of brake pads, locked up brakes, brake fluid leaks and brake failure in their Nissan Pathfinders.

Engine Problems

An illuminated Check Engine Light is just one sign that your Nissan Pathfinder may have engine problems.

Complaints submitted to NHTSA reveal that Nissan Pathfinder drivers have heard loud rattling noises coming from their vehicles. In these cases, they discovered failing radiator fans. However, loud, strange noises of any kind could indicate problems with your engine or other vehicle component. Nissan Pathfinder drivers have also reported engine shutdowns.

Safety System Problems

If your Airbag Warning Light illuminates on your dashboard, you may need to check your safety systems.

Your seat belts and airbags are supposed to protect you in a car crash. Faults in these systems will compromise your safety. Drivers of Nissan Pathfinders have reported malfunctions in the seat belt indicator lights and the seat belt latches, the last of which may unlatch during a crash. Some Nissan Pathfinders have reported that the front passenger airbag appeared to be shut off, even when someone sat in the front passenger seat.

If any of these problems repeatedly occur and won’t go away, it may be time to consult a lemon law attorney about your situation.

Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney

If problems persist in your Nissan Pathfinder despite multiple repair attempts, your vehicle may be a lemon.

Owners and lessees of “lemons” or defective vehicles are entitled to cash compensation, a vehicle replacement or a lemon law buyback. Knight Law Group has helped thousands of lemon owners and lessees obtain these rewards under the California lemon law with a success rate in excess of 99%.

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