How Many Automakers Were Sued For Their Failure To Recall DENSO Fuel Pumps?

by Aryn Plax

Apr 8, 2021

Many automakers, such as Honda, Subaru and Toyota, have recalled their vehicles because they were equipped with faulty fuel pumps. This series of recalls was prompted by a larger recall issued by the fuel pump supplier, DENSO.

According to these numerous recalls, the low-pressure DENSO fuel pump can fail because the impeller can absorb excessive fuel, crack and deform. As a result of pump failure, the vehicles can stall while driving and cause a crash.

Toyota received particular attention for its recall, as it could not recall all affected vehicles at once.

Instead, it released a series of recalls, segmenting vehicles into time slots. As a result, many owners and lessees had to wait months for repairs.

Toyota and Lexus

A class action lawsuit in Quebec, Canada targeted Toyota and Lexus, as well as Honda, Acura and Subaru. In particular, Toyota and its luxury subsidiary Lexus allegedly failed to target all vehicle models affected by the fuel pump problems.

The recall from the included automakers includes more than 136,000 vehicles, but the lawsuit alleges that this recall was not enough. The impellers crack and absorb too much fuel, which makes them deform over time and strike the body of the pumps.

These fuel pump problems allegedly cause rough riding and make the fuel systems fail. Similar claims have been made in lawsuits targeting other automakers.

Honda and Acura

In addition to the lawsuit filed in Canada, Honda and its luxury subsidiary Acura were the target of another class action lawsuit filed in the United States.

According to this class action lawsuit, Honda and Acura allegedly failed to recall all vehicles affected by the DENSO fuel pump defect. Though the defect has allegedly been present since at least 2013, Honda’s recall was allegedly issued far too late.

Honda and Acura may have experienced a parts shortage, which would have affected availability of recall-related repairs. As a result, drivers may not have gotten repairs until several months later. The lawsuit also claims that Honda failed to warn customers about the faulty fuel pumps. Many consumers who sought repairs from dealers were allegedly told that there were no replacement parts.


Subaru recalled roughly 188,000 vehicles with the shoddy fuel pumps, but a class action lawsuit alleges that Subaru did not recall all affected vehicles. The recall affected 2019 Subaru Impreza, Outback, Legacy and Ascent vehicles equipped with DENSO fuel pumps, which could cause engine stalling. However, the class action lawsuit alleges that the recall should include model years as far back as 2015, as well as other Subaru models not mentioned in the recall itself.

Another lawsuit alleges that, although Subaru recalled the 2019 Subaru models for the faulty fuel pumps, Subaru should have recalled the vehicle models from model years 2013–Present. The recall said that the pumps had faulty impellers that could damage the fuel pump itself. Subaru replaced the fuel pumps of affected vehicles. However, the lawsuit alleges that since the recall did not include all vehicles with the faulty fuel pumps, many owners of these vehicles had to pay for repairs or replacements out of pocket.

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