Auto Safety Groups Respond to Hyundai, Kia Fire Recalls

by Aryn Plax

Jan 28, 2021

Kia and Hyundai have recalled 3.5 million model year 2006–2021 vehicles due to a number of problems that led to seemingly unexplained car fires, of which there have been more than 3,000 reports.

After three years of these recalls, the automakers will pay millions of dollars to improve safety measures. This is just a fraction of what the automakers have to pay as part of consent decrees issued by the federal government.

However, the head of an auto safety group is raising concerns about the effectiveness of this effort. Jason Levine, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety, raised the question of how these vehicles would be repaired.

“One of the questions will be, as consumers bring these vehicles in, are they receiving engine replacements?” Levine asked News 12.

Photo description: A vehicle is consumed by flames.

“Or are they just receiving sort of an inspection?”

Levine told News 12 that the agency had raised the issue to the federal government’s attention, noting that the vehicle fires in many of the reported cases seem to have different causes.

“But they all lead to a problem that no consumer wants,” Levine said. “Which is their car catching on fire.”

Source: News 12

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