Audi’s Turbocharged Engines Allegedly Guzzle Oil Due to Piston Problems

by Aryn Plax

May 13, 2021

A class action lawsuit alleges that several Audi models experience excessive oil consumption and engine damage because the pistons and associated parts are defective.

The affected vehicles are equipped with 2-L four-cylinder turbocharged engines, otherwise known as the second generation EA888 engine.

These allegedly defective engines are in the following 2012–2017 Audi vehicle models:

• Audi TT
• Audi A3
• Audi A4
• Audi A5
• Audi A6
• Audi Q3
• Audi Q5

The lawsuit alleges that problems arise because the pistons, piston rings or piston heads allegedly cannot handle the heat and pressure of the engine, eventually cracking or splintering as a result. The lawsuit alleges that Audi knew about these recurring engine problems, citing an October 2013 technical service bulletin titled “Engine oil consumption too high.” The TSB was applied to 2009–2011 Audi A4, A5 and Q5 equipped with 2.0T engines.

Dealers were told that excessive oil consumption should be resolved by replacing the crankcase pressure regulating valve and front crankshaft seal. However, the faulty pistons allegedly cause damage to other engine parts. Premature failure of these engines can leave Audi owners with several thousand dollars’ worth of repair costs.


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